Non-verbal communication

 Here are five examples of non-verbal communication practices in Iran

  1. Stand Up: In Iran it is very important to stand when someone enters the room, espcially if they are older than you. For Iranians, this is a sign of respect. (Fallahi, 2014)


  1. Ruboosi: When you meet someone of the same gender, it is common to shake hands and to do “ruboosi”, which is to kiss each other once on each cheek. And it needs to be clear that it is not actually a kiss, it is more like just touching their cheeks with yours and just make a kissing sound. It is also important to know that men and women don’t do this in public, unless there is a significant age difference. (Fallahi, 2014)nc2
  2. The thumbs up: putting your thumb up is the same thing as raising your middle     finger in the U.S. A lot of people in the big cities actually know what the thumbs up means in the U.S and they might not tell you anything, especially if you are a foreigner, but it is important to avoid doing it to avoid problems. (Fallahi, 2014)nc3
  3. Raising your eyebrows: Iranians tend to do this to express a “no”. (Fallahi, 2014)nc4
  4. Biting your lower lip: Biting your lower lip: Iranians bite their lower lip with their upper teeth to express disbelief or shame, that someone did something bad. They usually do it before hitting one hand with the other and keeping it there. They also bring their fist to their mouth. (Fallahi, 2014)Resultado de imagen para biting lower lip iranian in disbelief
  5. Hitting your own face: This means that you are amazed or afraid of something. It literally means “oh no!” . (Fallahi, 2014)nc7



Fallahi, Pontia. (2014). Gestures and body language in Iran. Retrieved from (Fallahi, 2014)



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